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Connecting Education

to the Cloud for Digital Citizenship

Discussing how we can use Cloud

as a value-added component in Education

Evaluating future scenarios

and resources for Education

on the Cloud

Education on the Cloud

Third Annual Summit 

In Brussels

18 November 2016


Cloud Computing has changed the way we live and work. We have access to information from anywhere, at anytime synchronized on different devices. The School on the Cloud (SoC) project focuses on the impact this has on different forms of education and training.


Cloud Computing brings powerful state-of-the-art software and massive computing resources into education, where and when we need them and in any way we desire. The challenge is to apply appropriate educational approaches to maximize this potential. Workplace tools have the capacity to engage and motivate school and university students as well as VET trainees and the unemployed in preparing them for employment.


School on the Cloud deals with the access, sharing and reusability of learning resources, pedagogical and learning processes and the need for strong leadership and effective management.


Cloud-based approaches allow us to chart new dynamic ways to educate and learn that aligns with the way we think, share, study and collaborate within and beyond the classroom.


SoC explores how education should respond to these developments, narrowing the existing divide between education and Cloud Computing. The use of mobile devices like tablets and smartphones, with Cloud-based services is spreading through education. By encouraging collaboration and knowledge exchange, the School on the Cloud project explores their use and develops guidelines for the education sector.


To achieve this goal, SoC has created a learning network consisting of 55 European partners from 18 countries, distributed widely across Europe. The partnership includes most types of educational stakeholder and all sectors of education.


The coordinating organization for School on the Cloud is Doukas School, located in Athens Greece.


School on the cloud sites: 




This project has been funded with support from European Commission.

The European Network for “School on the Cloud”…

The 1st “Education on the Cloud” Summit was held March 22nd, 2014, at Dais Cultural Center, Athens, Greece.


The Summit, being developed within the framework of “School on Cloud” Network (SoC), focused on connecting Education to the Cloud for Digital Citizenship. SoC is an ICT network aiming to explore new dynamic ways to educate. This aligns with the way we think, share, learn and collaborate, across various education sectors, by exploiting the opportunities arising from “Cloud” environments.  


The event included a number of presentations and workshops, which provided the education community with an increased awareness of the potential of Cloud environments in education. It officially launched the SoC project. 



The “2nd European Summit: "Cloud Computing and Education: The Future" was held on Saturday 31st October and Sunday 1st November 2015 in Palermo, Sicily, bringing together educators and innovators from around Europe.


Participants had the opportunity to attend an international event featuring sessions and keynote addresses focused on discussing Cloud based futures and methodologies for education. CESIE President Vito la Fata opened the Summit, with a warm welcome. Karl Donert, Director at Innovative Learning Network ltd, in his speech presenting the “SoC: Overview and Progress” provided an account of some activities of the European School on the Cloud network, talked about the "State of the Art - Case Studies" publication and focused on issues related to the project.



GO! invites you to the
3rd School on the Cloud Conference


Anything from anywhere, in anytime, on any device, by anyone.

On 18 November 2016, School on the Cloud’s 3rd conference was held at the Flemish Parliament in Brussels. School on the Cloud is the European network that explores new dynamic Cloud-based ways in education.


GO! the Flemish Community Education organisation organised the event.

Key lectures were given by Professor Sugata Mitra (Hole in the Wall, School in the Cloud) and Ewan McIntosh (NoTosh Limited), among others. The event also included a number of interesting workshops on using the Cloud in education. Our aim was to illustrate the potential of Cloud-based learning, teaching and managing in education and consider its significance in the future.


The full programme for the event has been published. In the registration form below, you will find the summary of all workshops organised in the context of the Conference.

Please visit Summit page for accessing presentations, videos, photos and other related information.

The most difficult aspect in developing and applying ICT in any endeavour is the ability to evaluate mid – to long-term future perspectives. WG4 will seek to evaluate such future developments as they relate to education and cloud technology. In other words examine “Future scenarios for Education on the Cloud”. ...

Can education organizations take advantage of the potential offered by the Cloud? What prevents innovative leadership from pushing for change? What barriers are there to implementing the use of the Cloud in education? Working Group 1 (WG 1)  ...


Are you an innovative teacher? What does that mean? What’s the role of the teachers in education today and in the future? Will coaching and providing a useful learning environment for students be more important? How will you help students making their own learning path and finding out different learning styles?  ...

Using the Cloud makes the potential of personalised learning a reality. But what exactly do we mean by ‘personalised learning’? Is it individualised learning, independent learning, self-organized learning or what? How do we fit personalised learning inside existing formal and non-formal education? If it improves motivation for learning, what about the effectiveness of learning?  ...

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