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School on the cloud: Transforming Education". Education Policy Analysis and Strategic Results. Vol. 11, No 1, Feb. 2016, pp 31-46,

Nowadays for an appropriate way to deal with teaching and learning there is an axiomatic need to accept an integrated-holistic approach both in terms of the way we regard education and of how we practice it. This leads to a two-prong position: First, that education constitutes a dialectic entity and second that approaches to education presently in use are now absolute. That is, education has recently undergone a paradigm shift from a Student Centred Learning approach, which in its own way have replaced the traditional Teacher Centred Instructing approach, towards an integrating holistic approach, bringing education into the new Net Centred Knowing paradigm which is based on cloud computing and represents the goal and objectives of the School on the Cloud project presented in this paper. 

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