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School on the cloud: a needed new paradigm in open classroom.

This paper presents the basic concepts and the conditions required to adapt teaching and learning in the Open classroom educational approach in order to respond to present day educational needs. More specifically, it presents the paradigm shifts that have taken place in terms of the way Open classroom education is regarded (from the pre, to main and finally to post open classroom periods)and the methods used in teaching and learning within the Open classroom approach. That is, this paper declares that nowadays at the centre of the pedagogic approach towards teaching and learning should be the concept of integration, without which Open classroom cannot operate anymore.


This leads to the position that not only the traditional Teacher Centered Instructing educational paradigm, which Open classroom proponents and practitioners have long discarded, but also the much herald and widely used Constructivism approaches known as the Student Centered Learning paradigm, are now absolute and Open classroom education has entered the period of the Network Centered Knowing paradigm which is based on Cloud Computing.


To put it in a more succinct way: Open classroom has to be in the cloud based education business or no business at all.

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