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The European Network for “School on the Cloud”…


SoC is an ICT network aiming to explore new dynamic ways to educate. This aligns with the way we think, share, learn and collaborate, across various education sectors, by exploiting the opportunities arising from “Cloud” environments.

The Network consists of 57 Partners, most of whom are leaders in their educational sectors. They represent 18 European countries and include 10 Schools, 21 Universities, Companies, NGOs, National Authorities, Research Centres, Associations and Adult Education providers.

The steering group of the “School on the Cloud” is:


  • Doukas School (Greece)

  • Innovative Learning Network Ltd (UK)

  • EUROGEO European Association of Geographers (Belgium)

  • GO! Education of the Flemish Community (Belgium)

  • Ghent University (Belgium)

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